No balls, no glory!

Tonight, the person in the picture on the left has been attacked by a female predator. As you can see for yourself, he was the happiest person on the planet afterwards! We often forget that sometimes men can be bitches as well. I would like to act and help these guys!

If you feel the same, SMS “boytoy” to 6050 and deposit € 0,30 to the “I’m a male bitch and proud of it”-foundation. It can happen to all of us guys, it really can!

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Wait… Really?!

Sometimes when you’re randomly driving around, you run into strange things. They can make you laugh and sometimes even make you want to cry. The banner in the picture made me do both (though I have to admit the crying was a consequence of ALOT of laughing…). Translation for the non-dutch-speaking people: ‘Welkom in ons Reet’ means ‘Welcome in our ass’ when translated into English. Why for ****’* sake would you advertise the fact that your village is called ‘ass’ (obviously meant as a joke by some village idiot but not perceived as one by the other village idiots) and, if you would be crazy enough to do it, why use such a ridiculous sentence?

I officially declare the supercreative mastermind behind this brilliant piece of marketing the epic fail douchebag of the week! Congratz!

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It’s okay, I only feel 23

That’s what I say when it’s my birthday ever since I turned 25… It’s weird actually, when you’re 12, all you want is to be older. Life seems so boring at that age. Freedom awaits once you’re a grown-up so bring it already! When you’re nearing 30 though, all that freedom isn’t that impressive anymore and you long for the carefree days you had when you were still younger. I admit, I don’t want to go back to the days when I was 12. All I can remember from that time was that, if I would see my 12 year old self right now, I would definitely point and laugh at him. I was such a douchebag… :)
20 or 21 though, those were good years! I could do whatever I wanted and when I wanted to do it. No worries, all the dull stuff was taken care of. It’s sad that those days won’t be coming back until I turn 80 or something. Looking forward to the beautiful nurses that will make sure I’m a happy oldtimer :P

Life ain’t all that bad actually, let’s just keep on smiling and enjoy the time we have. It, in fact, does seem to fly-by at a high pace…


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Sad pokerface

Aah poker, the game of kings! How it can take you places. From the greenest fields of joy to the darkest corners of despair… I’m still trying to crawl out of that dark corner right now -.-

Imagine, a poker-game with five players. Me (aka the good guy) receives a pair of fives. Not the highest pair but still a nice hand to be dealt. The flop gets turned, two tens and an eight. Righty, two pairs in my hand so I’m betting! Only one player calls, the others fold. Not an easy one to read, if only a third five would appear, that would give me the full house. Oh it seemed like divine intervention, my dear audience. Yours truly got blessed with a five on the turn! In my head, I was already collecting lots and lots of chips. Things turned even more bright when I noticed my unknowing opponent called my all-in (granted, I could have waited with that but hey, all the excitement OMG). We put the cards on the table and a large grin appeared on my face. His answer to my full house (three fives and two tens) was a mere three of a kind (three tens and a dame in his hand). The smell of victory, it was all around me. Happy times my friends, happy times.
The river got turned, it was a dame… Game over, time to go home. I’m standing up, glance at the cards again. Before I leave the table, I give him the middle-finger (well deserved of course). It felt almost as good as winning that epic hand, almost…

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Back to school

Great song by The Deftones! But also a line that applies to so many people of all ages, including me! The only difference is that I took a five-year break from school. I graduated five years ago, which gave me a bachelor in journalism and multimedia. It appeared I liked the course very much, but finding a decent job seems pretty hard…

I always fiddled with the idea of getting another degree, preferably a master. Not because I think masters are always better than bachelors. It’s just an urge I have to test myself. I want to see how far I can go before I have to give up and admit I’m not good enough to finish it. After reading the last part again, I’m pretty sure I’m not all right in the head. I took the right subject for that though, psychology! I had a basic course of psychology while studying journalism and I love it. I refused to try the master’s course many years ago because the mathematics frightened me. We’ll just see who is the boss now!

Christoph – Mathematics: 1 – 0
I gave myself one point for conquering my fear and registering myself! :)

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The song you keep listening to…

There’s always a song that keeps popping up in my mind for weeks in a row. When it’s on the radio, I crank up the volume. When it’s on my iPod, I put it on repeat. Most of you will probably have heard this one already, but I’ll put it on here anyway since it’s such a great song! Gotye – Somebody that I used to know

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Movies: One Day

Every now and then, I decide to go see a movie. Actually, replace “every now and then” with “every week”… Can’t help it, I’m a big movie-addict. Because of that, I’ve also read a lot of reviews and, obviously, they annoy me sometimes. I get the feeling that some of these so-called movie professionals are just in it to bash certain titles. I admit, some movies aren’t as good as others, but they’re still enjoyable.
I figured it would be a good thing to write some thoughts about movies I saw myself. It helps me cope with the stress some journalists give me… I would like to stress that this is my own, honest, opinion. You are not obliged to agree and, by all means, write down your own thoughts in the comments! Just keep it calm and respectful and try not to disagree with my thoughts too often, it gives me a headache and we don’t like that.. ;)

One Day is a movie based on a book written by David Nicholls. Nicholls himself was responsible for the screenplay. This was done to make sure the movie would not drift away from the written story too much. They figured if the author himself was there to keep an eye on things, nothing could go wrong. I won’t be talking about how the movie compares to the book because I actually never read it. The shame!

One Day is a romantic story, giving you a view on the lifes of Em (Anne Hathaway) and Dexter (Jim Sturgess). They had a nightly adventure on their graduation night, which was july 15th. During the course of the film, we fast forward through time, showing how their lives have evolved every next july 15th. As a concept, I really like this. It’s not your average timeline, instead it’s decades packed in one single story. The approach is fresh and pretty well fit into the picture.
Em and Dexter have a strange relationship which, as all relationships, has its ups and downs. Their interests and lives drift apart, but their feelings for each other never disappear. Sometimes they spend july 15 together and sometimes they don’t. I won’t go into much more detail since I don’t want to give any spoilers, but rest assured the story evolves towards a climax that you will either love or hate. I liked it, but I can definitely understand if some people would not like it. You’ll know what I mean if you see it for yourself.

A regular point of criticism for this film was Anne Hathaway’s british accent. Since I’m not british, I probably don’t pay attention in the same way as real UK people would. All I can say is that it didn’t bother me for one minute. For all we know, she moved to the UK when she was young and never lost her accent. It seems pretty stupid to dislike One Day because of such a silly reason but once again, that’s just good ol’ me talking…

Conclusion: One Day is a beautiful love-story, definitely worth seeing. Don’t mind the critique you find on the net about it and go check for yourself. You’ll watch a lovely story that is based on life itself. 7,5/10

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The very start of it all…

Starting a blog, take 6, ACTION!
Yup, this is the sixth time I’m starting a blog. You may wonder why the hell I’m still trying, all I can say is that I’m determined to at least have one blog that lasts (aka: gets updated more than once a week) longer than three months. We’ll just see how this turns out…

The only thing worthy of adding here is this:

Ragemaker is still funny, even when the Internet cries a bit everytime a new one is made!

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