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Pixld Studios

A small indie game developer studio

About PIXLD Studios

Pixld Studios is a small indie game developer studio. At Pixld Studios different people from the whole industry met each other to develop games in their spare time. Powered by the diversity on the market we are trying to find a gap to develop games just like no other. Pixld Studios has no big budget but we are doing stuff what would make fun for us with love and detail.

The Team

We need you!

Graphic designer, sound designer, developer? Doesn't have to be. Do you have any skills where you think they could help us?
Our goal is to develop games we would play by our own. If you want to go with us on this uncertain adventure and you can spent some time, then get in touch with us.

Let's talk about it

PIXLD Studios Games

Please visit our developer pages for the desired platforms

The Misty Forest

The Misty Forest

Meet Yuichi, a little boy who falls asleep and finds himself in the mysterious Misty Forest. He needs your help!

Jumpy Sky

Jumpy Sky

Tap to jump on moving platforms and travel the sky. Don’t fall, it hurts! Seriously, Jumpy Sky is a gorgeous, addictive game that will keep you entertained for hours.



Glowly is a puzzle platformer. Master the levels in a short time, because time counts. With each level you finish, you get the remaining time from the previous level added and every second counts. Beat your friends, the whole world or just you.



More coming soon!

To be continued...

Contact PIXLD Studios

Feel free to send us a message to provide some feedback on our games, give us suggestions for new games, or to just say hello!

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